Lucid Dream

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There’s a seemingly odd stigma in certain circles about doing an up cover version and this well-traveled road always forks into two very beaten paths… Does an artist play the cover as it is as well they can? (ie. every pub band ever playing Status Quo covers) Or do they go all Jimi Hendrix and completely trash the original with the destruction and rebuilding of their own personal Watch Tower? The latter direction is applied with deft precision, calming cool and wired charm for St. Franck’s take on “Dream of Scorpio Rising".  


St. Franck digs deep into the brave task of taking on a Death in Vegas number featuring Liam Gallagher no less, and the risk has paid off. Trading in the reverse Hendrix guitar, Brian Jonestown Massacre's chords, and Oasis growls for a swirling dope-clouded haze of chillwave synths, hella loud 808 kick beats and vocals which reek of cigarette smoke, we’re left standing in a thick oil slick that’s slowly overflowing into frayed power lines. Just waiting to be electrocuted! 

- Charlie Wyatt 

''Dream of Scorpio Rising'' is the first episode of an upcoming series using virtual reality. The video aims to take the watcher/listener drifting into this first artwork around the Scorpio constellation. 



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