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According to UB40, there’s much to be said about Red Red Wine. I haven’t listened to the whole song ever but I know that it comes from France, goes down smoothly and makes you feel all sorts of lovely on the inside, especially when enjoyed with friends. It’s usually pretty hokey to compare an artist’s music to a beverage but I think this time it’s necessary. But we digress. 

France in this instance is the proving ground for the new adventures of mysterious part psych-pop and part trip hop alchemist St. Franck, cutting through the thick forest of boring bedroom pop was never soundtracked so well. It’s a loaded sentiment in this age to say something sounds original but in the song in question for you today there’s certainly nothing that will make you jump to a well-informed conclusion on the first listen, which is only a good thing this late in the game.


The Debut single ‘Natsu’ defiantly stomps in protest to lazily crafted chillwave and indie rock that doing little more than ‘the rounds’, the beat is stripped back to a simple 808 beat and stomping bongos; there’s a slinky guitar that hooks each time it’s starting over and the vocals have the hushed coolness of a few certain smooth Britpop icons. Natsu would have found a fine spot in the Studio Ghibli movie on merit and with aplomb.


It’s unmatched and odd, it’s cohesive and charming, it’s strange and unusual, it’s a strong opening wave of synthy psychedelic chill goodness and the current will make sure you’ll stay underwater and breathing in the purple haze on each listen. Enjoy!