Fashion Cities Africa in Brighton, UK

Posted by Franck Lada on

We were in Brighton last weekend discovering the great town and attended a top exhibition... Here is our journey to Fashion Cities Africa, the first major UK exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion now opened at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.
Explore fashion and style in four cities at the compass points of the African continent – Casablanca in Morocco, Lagos in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya and Johannesburg in South Africa.
The exhibition focuses on the style choices of individual ‘fashion agents’ from each city from designers and stylists to photographers and bloggers.
Each of cities featured has its own fashion scene: independent as Courant but also established brand. We did like the creative experimentation in the interface between global fashion and local identities : a pop colourful style and patterns, highly wearable : 
The exhibition includes a wide range of apparel, from couture to street style – alongside a creative drawing space...We ended up putting a bit of who we are presenting our denim jacket (coming soon) - and a reference to one of our favorite african musician Willian Onyeabor  .


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