You Say You want a Revolution?

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The revolutions of the late 1960s changed the way we live today and think about the future. This exhibition at the V&A explore the era-defining significance and impact of the 1960s in our society. The visit will take you on an experience through some of the best greatest music and performances of century alongside fashion, film, design and political activism, all escorted with tunes that can be heard through Sennheiser headphones, with a soundtrack that changes as you move through each exhibit room!

Photography by Lucy Hawes

We were very impressed by the abundance of relics and souvenirs that used to belong to artists, musicians and activists! From our favourite Planet Earth George Harrison's passport to some piece of moon rock,outfits from Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix jewellery, John Lennon and rare photographies, this exhibition is definitely to put on your to-do list if you're in London this autumn! 

Did you know? Courant is an independent clothing label with a sub-cultural approach. We like to take inspiration in art and blasts from the past! Our first range of t-shirts and logo with heart shaped sunglasses represent our ethos: "Fun activities" commissioned by independent artist Ben Montero.



 Ben Montero for Courant



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