Band from Montreal Chocolat releases new LP "Les Pyramides"

Posted by Franck Lada on


Throwback last July when we first met Montreal's awesome dudes "Chocolat" thanks to our good friend Julien from U-turn touring and management. A full packed crowd were attending one of the best new garage rock at the Shacklewell Arms.

The band is set to release a psych x garage x rocknroll following their first album "Tss Tss".

 Rencontrer Looloo is a journey from jazzy baroque to pumping power pop rock'n'roll, groovie with spacerock harmony, and spooky synth workouts that could fit on a classic 80s movie OST.

Emmanuel Ethier, guitarist and songwriter/self producer describe the album as an early Roxy Music doing a modal jazz exercise on crack”.

Rencontrer Looloo will be out November 11 via Beyond Beyond is Beyond / Dare to Care / Teenage Menopause Records. Head to the band facebook page and learn more about tour dates and announcement.


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