Videodrome: 120 mph Synth Punk made in Bordeaux, France – Courant Limited
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Videodrome: 120 mph Synth Punk made in Bordeaux, France

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September is approaching and we wanted to introduce you to crazy synth punk friends Videodrome. Bordeaux has always been an exciting rock'n'roll city over decades. From Kid Pharaon to J.C Satàn, the music made in South West of France is still so relevant and pure nowadays. Videodrome put the level of garage rock at the highest peak. The 13 tracks album feels like driving a Delorean on a sunset highway with David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and Phillip K Dick sitting in the backseat on speed...

Produced by Dorian Verdier of the J.C. Satàn, the album will be released in septembre on 4 labels : FDH (USA), P. Trash (Germany) and two french labels (Adrenalin Fix Music et Stryckhnine). Now time to put some music on with the hit ''Philip K Dick''.

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