The Making Of The Courant Type Z Jacket

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This week we take you back to the making of our key piece of the first collection: The Courant Type Z denim Jacket.
 Where's the denim jacket from?
The story of denim is forever entwined with the story of America and is a genuine American icon. The 30’s- 50’s saw stars wearing them in big movies as Steve Mcqueen in his classic Western Denim jacket on the set of Junior Bonner.

The denim was also utilitarian wear for dudes in ranches, farmers and quickly moved to big cities worker’s busy life thanks to brands such as Carhartt, Dickies and Levis. It was not a mainstream fashion statement like it is today.
Then came the hippy era in the late 60s – 70s when denim jackets where part and parcel of the dress code. The Mods and skinhead scene also brought in denim jackets in the 60s .These youths became known as mods, a youth subculture noted for its consumerism.
Inspiration behind the Type Z : a retro super-futuristic Denim Jacket
Music, Film and Art are Courant big source of inspiration. Whether from bands to iconic actors and colourful Pop Art, the design wants to take a cross in between bikers jacket, Western Classics, different sub-cultures and modern life style. We wanted to follow up the "story of the Denim jacket” putting Courant design in a more 21st century approach.
Our approach
The aim was to do a combination in-between classic biker’s jacket with striking zips and puller and a more contemporary denim worker-like jacket without compromising our personal substance: the Lining and art collaboration. None of the denim jacket has any lining these days and sometimes a lack of utility (only small chest pockets, multiple buttons, different fit...).
David Bowie in double denim, Link Wray and Ramones showing how biker's jacket has to be worn in the right way, John Lennon in casual double denim outfit. 
We believe that our design makes it more contemporary especially thanks to the attention to details: double Royal Air Force blue stitches, Riri Zips with striking puller and colourful lining.
2 Pockets fitting both smartphones and wallet, front and angel pockets zip fastener, convenient when you're on the go.
Adding own Courant substance : Lining and art inspiration
Art is a big thing at Courant HQ. Our first collection was the result of a collaboration between in house designer and cool australian illustrator Ben Montero. We did some colour edits on the Art piece because we are used to take inspiration from other big pictures and pop Art artists such as Sir Peter Blake, Peter Phillips and Eduardo Paolozzi.
A close up on to our colourful lining from Ben Montero

All our jackets are hand crafted in North London. Denim is organically and sustainably made in North Italy. You can now get the jacket on HERE.


Sometimes I feel like
(Oh, the whole human race)
Jazzin' for Blue Jean
(Oh, and when my Blue Jean's blue)
Blue Jean can send me
(Oh, somebody send me)
Somebody send me
(Oh, somebody send me) 

''Blue Jean' is a piece of sexist rock 'n roll. [laughs] It's about picking up birds. It's not very cerebral, that piece." - David Bowie



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