Ben Montero and Courant collaboration : The Interview

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Courant aims to gather music, art and sub-culture as an original and own approach, which we believe represent a 21st century clothing label. We got lucky enough to have Ben Montero on board for the first capsule collection. Bjenny was commissioned to represent "The Courant Vision" with a landscape representing our statement :"Be open to cool activities". We recently sat down with him because we simply wanted to know more about his creative personality.


We take you to an hilarious interview with the main man...


For anyone that hasn't heard of you, can you tell us about what you do and your influences, basically where your ideas are coming from ?

I wake up to a breakfast of toast and honey and a Freddo cappuccino. Which is a cold coffee they love to drink in Athens. Then I feed the cat and ask her for ideas 
Any best place or best time of the day to draw ? 
Sunrise. Draw a split second before they do and unload pop pop pop. No don't! No violence. 
How did you come up with Courant collaboration? 

Listen when you get you pizza delivered its piping hot right? You have to eat that thing straight away and look at the coupons in the box later. Then you eat it and you're full so you don't want to look at any coupons so you put them in the draw for another time. But when next you're hungry, the last thing you want to do is look at coupons

Bjenny's artwork specially made for Courant ''Open to Activities"
Can you tell us about the past collaboration or commission ? from bands to other brands

 That would require assembling my trumpet. And I don't even have a trumpet so...a day would be wasted on useless trumpet anxiety 


What type of work generally? (is it poster, accessories, frames... i dont know)

Mostly safety inspection and accident prevention.
What's the past commission or artwork you're most proud of ?
My brother drew a fish sign for a fish shop for free fish and I held the ladder. Not only did we eat fish but wine too! 
 We've been told you have an album in the pipeline where Jay Watson from Tame Impala helped on recording and mixing, what can we expect from there ?

Don't ever expect anything from anywhere. Just allow the universe to do its thing 

Ben also put a few of his favourite music into a playlist, head over HERE to check it out. All his artworks featuring on our current collection get it HERE.



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