About Us

Our Vision 


Courant stands for “current”, a label that aims to deliver original contemporary designs all based on our vintage archive collection that counts numerous 20th-century counter-culture items, military, and sportswear.

Designed, sourced, and manufactured where possible in Europe, we love getting inspired by fabrics, patterns, music, pop art and underground scenes of the 20th Century: from the style of the Rockers and the Mods in England, as well as  60s American Sportswear; the Punks scene of the CBGB years, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson, Jack Kerouac , Robert Crumb, mid-century furniture, Japan or traveling; in general, depict a bit of the journey and inspirations we want to bring throughout our label. Some blasts from the past that still influence and remain present in modern day culture and fashion style.

All our collection is also made with 100% organic cotton provided by the best ethical manufacturers of the old continent, our design authentic and made by us in-house. Find meaningful, original and everlasting garment in our first collection.



We developed our first collection with funky colorful artworks. Musician in his own band Montero as well as an illustrator for Pond, Ariel Pink, Connan Mokasin and Mac De Marco, Ben Montero was commissioned to represent "The Courant Vision" with an exclusive one-off Artwork for Courant.


Ben Montero 'Fun Activities' exclusively for Courant



Our Collection


The first collection brings the first range of classic Hand Screen-Prints and Embroidery. Our iconic heart-shaped sunglasses maintain the minimal style of the collection, letting its dog branding do the talking whilst the Courant ''Type Z Denim jacket" with all printed lining is turning up the volume with striking handmade construction and unique denim design.