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About Us

The Vision 

Courant is a clothing label project with a sub-cultural approach. Designed and manufactured where possible in London, our style takes inspiration from vintage fabrics, music decades, pop art and all underground creative scenes. Being "open to these things" is a state of mind for us. We believe that anyone could be part of this wide open approach to the world where inspirations, tastes, interests and miscellaneous bring today’s great crowd and interesting individuals.




Art Collaboration

We are also developing our subcultural approach with Ben Montero. As a musician in his own band Montero as well as as an illustrator for Pond, Ariel Pink, Connan Mokasin and Mac De Marco, Ben was commissioned to represent "The Courant Vision" with a landscape representing our statement :"Be open to cool activities". 


The Collection

The first collection brings a first range of classics. Our iconic heart shaped sunglasses maintains the minimal style of the collection, letting its dog branding do the talking whilst the Courant ''Type Z Denim jacket" with all printed lining is turning up the volume with a striking and unique contemporary design. We will follow up the first range with more Activities t-shirts from Ben Montero artwork and some additional new style extravaganzas over the summer.